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Line Items: Extenders Debate Ends; Appropriations Season Begins

Extenders Put on Hold – Legislation to extend some tax breaks and expanded unemployment insurance has been put on the back b

Steny Hoyer on Everything Fiscal

In remarks at the think tank Third Way, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer

Exploring Federal Pay for Cuts

As our Budget Simulator grows in popularity, more and more people have taken the

‘Line’ Items: World Cup Edition

“Beautiful Game”and Not-So-Pretty Agenda – Add soccer to all the other distractions in Washington as lawmakers f

Gates Aims to Find $100 Billion in Savings Over Five Years

The Department of Defense recently announced that it will aim to cut ove

Improving the Budget Situation

The Administration is taking important steps in improving the budget situation:

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

We at CRFB believe in the Wizard of Oz theory of deficit reduction.

Up-Hill Drive for Spending Bills, But No Gas in the Tank for Paying for Them

Two massive spending bills that congressional leaders wanted to dispose of before hitting the road for Memorial Day have hit potholes as lawmakers

Senate Will Vote Today on War Supplemental -- and Paying for It

A close vote is expected today to end debate in the senate on a $59 billion supplemental that includes funding for operations in Iraq and Afghanist