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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

We at CRFB believe in the Wizard of Oz theory of deficit reduction.

CAP Takes the Spending Challenge

The Center for American Progress recently discussed what it wou

‘Line’ Items: Opening Day Edition

If they Don’t Win It’s the Same – Opening Day presaged much of the same for Washington as the home team was clob

CRFB Launches A Featured Charts Page!

CRFB would like to introduce our "Featured Charts" page where we will highlight important f

‘Line’ Items: Hoops, Blossoms and Canaries

Health Care Makes it Through the Final Hoops – Congress completed work last week on the reconciliation package, which includ

Are Social Security Surpluses Gone for Good?

Along with their analysis of the President's Budget, on Friday, CBO updated its

What Will the Budget Look Like in 2020?

In our Analysis of the President's FY 2011 Budget, we discussed that